2013 Senior Representative Program

About Crave Photography senior rep program

At Crave Photography, our representatives are high school Seniors or Juniors who want to have their photos taken for free, but of course in advance before any one else does. You will be one of the first of your class to show off your senior portraiture and be a spokes model for Crave Photography. You will be given 50 Referral Cards to pass out to your highschool senior and junior friends; the photos sell themselves!

One thing that Crave Photography strives to do is make each and every senior feel like an individual, giving you a total unique, individual experience. We are not looking for models, but rather spokespeople. You will not be judged based on your hobbies, race, gender, or what you look like. We don’t care who you are, its my job to make you look great!

Senior Reps will recieve low resolution files to share on twitter, cell phone, facebook, Google +, Pinterest, or any other social networking experiences they may be involved in. They are also required to keep one of the watermarked photos as their facebook profile picture until May of 2013.

As a senior representative, you will be featured on all of our advertisements, brochures, websites and sample products.

You will show off your images using Senior Referral Cards, and in return earn credits to earn prints and other products through Crave Photography.

Crave Senior Reps may not promote any other photographer or accept any other representative position from any other photographer during the program (May 2013).

Crave Photography Reps will have their 2013 Senior Portrait Session scheduled and completed by May 15th.

  Your Senior Portrait Session will be free of charge!

  • Free 1-2 hour Session  ($199 Value)
  • 50 Referral Cards
  • 5 Watermarked Images to use on Facebook

Earn credits by referring your friends! With every booked referral you get one credit. Cash in your referral credits at any time you wish, or save them up to get larger items!

  • 1 Referral- $25 Print Credit
  • 3 Referrals- $75 Print Credit
  • 5 Referrals- $100 Print Credit
  • 7 Referrals- $125 Print Credit
  • 10 Referrals- $150 Print Credit
  • 15 Referrals- $200 Print Credit with Crave Photography and Storybook with all of your images!

To earn credits, your friend must present their referral card or notify me of their referral at the time of booking. As an incentive, each of your friends will earn a $50 Print Credit with Crave Photography with your referral card!

Earn more print credits for participating with us in Parades, Fundraisers, and other community events!

Do you think you have what it takes?

Fill out the application below!


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