Custom Art Portraiture Wall Prints vs. Cheap Prints

I have a question for you: What is worth more? Custom Art Portraiture of your children, or artwork you can buy at Art Galleries? My opinion: Your children! Those are memories that are way more valuable than any artwork you can purchase for your walls, so BUY THEM BIG!

Today I was reading a very informative article (HERE) about Custom Art Portraiture Wall Prints and Cheap, or even Gift Prints. She explains that there is a huge difference between Custom Art Portraiture that you would hang yourself and then gift portraits, that you would get at smaller sizes, such as 8×10.  8×10 and Smaller prints are meant to go on walls where their may be many many prints, such as a grandmother showing her grandchildren off, or an aunt portraying her nieces and nephews. A Custom Art Portraiture Gallery Print is FOR YOU! This is your art that you want to completely take up as much wall space. Notice how the wall just SWALLOWS the small 8×10, but the 20×30 fits comfortably! Go big or Go Home, or perhaps both! Get those prints BIG! Show them off! I just want to share the original article HERE.


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