Talking about sizes

No, I am not talking about how big your waistline is, or any other personal size for that matter! I am talking about what is on your walls! I have had just a fabulous time reading Erica Clarks Photography Blog today! She has some really great articles on SIZES OF YORU WALL ART! Lets Begin!

Why would you want to give yourself a “gift print”?

Well, a Gift Print is any print sized at 8×10 or smaller. Yes, you may be telling me, you have 8x10s on your wall or your kids, BUT WHY?

Let me ask you a question, what do you feel is more valuable? The image of your child, or the art you purchased at walmart, target, or any other home interior store? You spent $30-100 on that wall art, but you only spent $2 on that print of your child at 8×10?

Take a look at that 8×10 in contrast to your furniture, other art, design, and interior products in your home. Wow! Looks small now doesn’t it?

Take a look at this AWESOME size and contrast display by Erica Clark. You can use this as a visual to see what the difference of these prints in contrast with its surrounds is.


This article is here to help YOU! Beginning June 1st, Print Releases will be changed to ONLY INCLUDE 8×10 images and smaller. I want to make sure that you get the ABSOLUTE BEST HIGH QUALITY IMAGES FOR YOUR WALL, but still help your wallet by getting your “gift prints” 8×10 or smaller from your local print lab!


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