Aspiring Photographer 101: Public Photography

One of the most exciting parts of my job is that I get to photograph TONS of local events for The Hood Magazine. One of the first questions I had for the magazine was what type of release do I need to get from those that I photograph? Being a portrait photographer, I am not shy of model releases and model contracts! I was happy to find out that for public events, no release is required.

If you are photographing for the intent of Editorial Content, there is no reason to obtain a model release.

However, it is very important to be caution of where you are photographing. Public places such as public parks, main st, etc are fair game. However, places such as government buildings, military buildings, etc are off limits. Other places that are off limits are those in which people would expect privacy, such as motels, dressing rooms, etc.

When photographing in public, it is important to be caution of areas which are not public, or areas where you should not be trespassing, which are usually but not always marked as “No Tresspassing” or “Posted” zones. It is important to be caution that you have express permission from the owner of the property. Many property owners will require that you carry some type of insurance or liability, as the liability will not fall on them if accidents were to occur.



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