Aspiring Photography 101: Indoor Lighting & Tips

When I first starting doing photography, the biggest thing that I was intimidated by surprisingly wasn’t all the gizmos and gadgets on my camera, but it was the lighting! Because I knew, that no matter what, before knowing a thing about my camera, I had to know about light. Everything about light. Photography IS light. Where it comes from, its temperature, its force, its direction. Light is the power in photography, and using it to your advantage is super important! However, being creative with light only comes after understanding it and practicing with it. To get started, here are some fabulous tips to help you step into the world of LIGHTING!

When photographing inside…

  • Use windows and doors to create a soft, natural light.
  • Try shooting in the bathroom; yes, I said your bathroom. Most tubs are white, which creates a nice natural reflector of light!
  • USE A TRIPOD! Often in lower light situations, we need to bump our shutter speed down; which can create motion blur. Using a tripod can decrease the blur!
  • Use higher ISO and lower Shutter Speeds; be cautious, however, the higher your ISO is, the more “grainy” your photographs get.
  • Learn how to set the custom white balance. For an aspiring photographer, try using a piece of white paper to set your custom white balance.
  • Use Flash Wisely! It can either make or break your photos!
  • Set your aperture to something like 4.0 or 2.0- the lower the number, the more light that gets let in; be cautious though because the lower the number, the less focal range you have.


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