Aspiring Photographers 101: Making the Most out of your Summer Outdoor Photos

One nice thing about photography outdoors is the endless opportunities that present themselves. With a wide array of backdrops, natural lighting, and the possibility to get a nice, clean, sharp exposure, in which are just icing on the cake!

There are several things to be cautious of, however. When shooting outside, first be aware of your surroundings. What does your background look like? Is it free of useless, unnecessary clutter? Is there unpleasing items in the background such as garbage cans, random people, piles of garbage, or anything else that could distract the viewer? Is it possible to change up your angle or moves a few steps as to ensure that you don’t get these items in the photo?

Another important thing to be cautious of is LIGHT! Light can make or break a photo. Is your subject facing the harsh sun? Is it creating dark sun shadows around their eyes, messing up the exposure or causing them to squint? Are you photographing in a really dark place, such as a tunnel to where its too dark for your camera to adjust exposure? Of course there are solutions to photographing in weird light situations, however for beginners here are a couple of tips:

1. Photograph with the sun behind your subject. Instead, make sure that the sun is behind your subject. Of course, if you are shooting around noon-3 it is best to shoot down on your subject as to avoid “sun glares.”

2. Photograph in areas of a nice, cool shade. Instead of shooting in the bright sun, try finding a tree, or a building that creates shade. This allows you to photograph your subject in a nice, even light, without creating “Sun Shadows”, squinting, or harsh light situations.

3. Choose the time of day that you photograph wisely. If you are able to choose when you take your photos, try doing it early in the morning (8-10ish) or later at night (5-7ish). This is when the sun has just began to come up or just going down, where it is less harsh. Also, areas of shade are often more extensive since the sun isn’t directly above your subject.

Candid! Shoot Candid! This summer you may find yourself enjoying parades, at the lake, shooting fireworks, or even around a campfire. Capture your child at their best, when they are smiling, giggling, contemplating, etc. Your child does not have to be staring at the camera saying cheese all the time, get those looks that are priceless!

Thanks for coming to Aspiring Photogrpaher 101! See you next time!


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