FAQ: Why do Professional Photographers Charge So Much for Prints?

Q: Why do you charge so much for a print that I can get at Walmart for much cheaper?

A: A comment that I hear a lot from people is how they feel that photographers print products are overpriced.

Simple Answer: You get what you pay for.

Extended answer:

Quality: With each print order I receive, I take the time to pay close attention to details. Retouching, cropping, color correction, etc are just some of the things I perfect before the print goes to lab. Have you ever been frustrated by recieving prints from Walmart and the heads were chopped off? Walmart is a chain store, which means they don’t hire anyone to crop and correct your photos before they go to lab, they just are what they are! The quality of paper is also by far the leading quality, its not just your basic photo paper.

Color Calibration: I have an experiment for you. Try taking the same print to 3 different labs or one hour processors. What is the biggest difference you see? COLOR! The printers used by chain stores and kiosks just arent the high quality printers; they are not color calibrated and often show ugly tones, such as yellow tints, green tints, etc. Our computer is color calibrated to our labs, which means that the picture looks the same on the paper as it does when we edit!

Time & Money: I run a business, and to keep running my business I have to make enough money to pay for my overhead and make a profit. If you want to continue to use me as a service, I have to make money.  My time that I put into making your prints look perfect has to be paid for.

Why does it take a little longer to get your prints from a professional? Although I would LOVE to tell you that I can shoot those babies out like a one hour lab can, but I simply cannot. Your memories are important to me, so I take the time to correct each photo and make it perfect for print. I also design all of my photo books, Storyboards, etc. and that takes time.  This might mean that you don’t get your products for 3-4 weeks. However, you can guarantee that those products are going to be absolutely breathtaking!

Thanks for stopping by our FAQ!

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