Why are Professional Photographers more Expensive than Chain Stores?

I get this question a lot. Face it, in our economy, we all want to save a buck. But lets also admit, we don’t want to go with lesser quality either. Although it may be more convenient to walk in and make an appointment with Wal-mart Portrait Studio and walk out with a couple of sheets of prints for 8 bucks, right? But what are you really gaining from this experience?

A. They don’t edit your pictures. You got it, they get sent into a lab and they are directly printed without editing! No retouching, no pretty colors, just BLAH!

B. They don’t pay attention to detail. That bra strap showing? Diaper not covered? Booger in the nose? Drool? That’s right, they don’t get paid enough to care about those details; and they typically don’t care. And considering they aren’t edited, that makes a no win situation!

C. They are uneducated. Now, I cannot speak for every chain store, and its only on an individual basis, but they are typically uneducated. I remember when I looked into working in a chain store portrait studio right out of high school, I didn’t have to have any education experience, AT ALL! none. They didnt care, after all, I only had to push a button!

D. Creativity. They often cannot offer you the creativity a professional can. That is why you typically see the SAME. EXACT. POSE. everytime!

E. Experience. How often have you felt rushed? Disappointment? Lack of Uniqueness? yep. Where is the experience? Who wants to feel like an appointment? Everyone wants to feel special and wanted!

F. Loyalty and Customer Rapport. Many times, you get a different photographer every time you go in. You have to explain your style, likes, wall ideas, etc every single time!

I really could go on and on. I could! However, I won’t. The point is, when you come to a Professional Photography Studio, you are paying extra for the quality, the attention to detail, the education, the style, and most of all, that CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE! Your memories are worth more than all of that, so why not spend the extra dollar?


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