52 Weeks of Photography with Crave Photography

Crave Photography: 52 Weeks of Photography for Aspiring Photographers or Hobby Photographers

I have been participating, somewhat silently in a 52 Weeks of Photography project since January, and I want to SHARE that project with you! Do you like taking photos? Do you want an excuse to learn more about your camera? Do you want to think outside the box? Join our 52 Weeks of Photography Project! Each week, on Wednesdays, I will submit a “Theme” and my photo for that “Theme.” You will then get one week to complete the project. When you have finished your project, simply email it to ashley@cravemycreative.com


  • Themes are posted each Wednesday via our Blog and our Facebook Page
  • Photos are due on Mondays
  • Photos will be posted on Tuesdays/Wednesdays on our Blog.
  • If you want constructive criticism of your artwork, simply ask!
  • You don’t HAVE TO PARTICIPATE EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Participate when you have time. Obviously, the more you participate the more you will get out of it!
  • Each submission will be entered each month for a drawing for a Prize!


  • Mentoring is available for $100/hr with Ashley at Crave Photography. Email ashley@cravemycreative.com to inquire.
  • If you have general questions, you are welcome to ask! I am here to help you! If your questions end up being more detailed than a simple answer will do, I may invite you in for a mentoring session!


  • Prizes may consist of Photo Sessions, Prints, Products, Gift Certificates, Etc. from Crave Photography or any of our Vendors!
  • If you would like to donate Prizes to our 52 Weeks Project, email ashley@cravemycreative.com


  • Please only submit 1 photo. I may open up a forum where you can submit multiple photos, however for now lets keep it nice and simple!
  • Please make sure the photos are appropriate to display on a family friendly blog and facebook wall.
  • Please respect each others artwork!
  • and lastly, LOVE YOUR ARTWORK! You spent time and energy on learning your camera to create that art, so enjoy it!

And the most important rule

Please TRY to post photos that are new each week. Even if you think you took a photo on your vacation last year that you think would fit the theme, try to go out and take a NEW photo!

The First Week’s Theme is… BLOOM!

Here is my submission:

Email your submissions to ashley@cravemycreative.com


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