How to Prepare for a Family Photo Shoot

Top Tips for a Successful Family Session

 1) MY TOP MOST IMPORTANT TIP: If you are a parent, it is important you stay posed and directly looking at the camera the whole time. It is my job to get your child to look at me, and if you are busy tickling or trying to get your child to look up, they may look up but you are not. 

2) If you plan on getting haircuts or new dos, dont do son on the day of your session. Plan these events 2 weeks ahead of your session. This can be because sometimes it may take longer and you may run late, they may mess up, and it always looks nicer when you let your hair grow a little and merge in after a new cut.

3) Select clothing that will look flattering for everyone in your family. Dont match- coordinate. Solid colors work best with photography compared to patterns or stripes. If one person is to wear a pattern, have others wear a solid color that coordinates that pattern. Also, another idea is to wear different shades of blue jeans or khakis.

4) Make sure everyone gets a good night sleep. Cranky children can be a disaster for photo sessions, but so can tired or cranky parents!

5) To avoid stains and spills, feed everyone before getting ready for your big day

6) Be sure that everyone has plenty of time to shower and get ready. Show up 15 minutes early for your session. Being rush can create anxiety for others and especially children. Children like time to adapt.

7) If it is snowy/rainy, wear boots and a coat. Bring an umbrella when necessary.

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