30 Day Photo Challenge (of your Kids!) December 16-January 16

From December 16th to January 16th, lets focus on photographing something special in our child’s life once a day! I have created a list, of fun ideas for A Photo A Day!

Join our group on Flikr! http://www.flickr.com/groups/2147256@N21/

Day 1. Playing in the Snow

Day 2. Sleeping

Day 3. Reading a Book

Day 4. Putting on shoes/tying shoes

Day 5. Helping you Grocery Shop

Day 6. Child(ren) walking away

Day 7. Playing Peek-a-boo!

Day 8. You and your child’s feet, Side by Side

Day 9. Playing a Game

Day 10. Helping you with a task (cooking, cleaning)

Day 11. Brushing their teeth

Day 12. interacting with siblings/friends

Day 13. Crying or having a meltdown

Day 14. Holding hands with someone

Day 15. Eating Breakfast

Day 16. Tiny feet

Day 17. Getting Dressed

Day 18. Looking out the window

Day 19. Laughing

Day 20. Telling you a story

Day 21. You and your Child together

Day 22. Capture them through a crack in the door

Day 23. Playing a hand-game (itsy bitsy spider) or holding something small.

Day 24. Watching their favorite TV show or playing with their favorite toy.

Day 25. In low lighting or with light

Day 26. Eating their favorite snack

Day 27. Close up!

Day 28. At 3 Different Angles

Day 29. Coloring

Day 30. With a Prop (Chalkboard, hat, necklace, etc!)

Join our Flikr Group!



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