5 Ways to Shop Smarter!

With the holidays running near, it is super important to remember that there is a cap on how much you are able to spend, and as my Grandma would say, Money doesn’t grow on trees! I have compiled a list of 5 things I have to remember about Smart Shopping!

1. Compare Prices! If you are a Right Brained person like me, instant gratifications is one of your most significant traits. You want something, you want it now. You don’t want to wait for it to get shipped, you don’t want to go to 5 different stores to find it. You call ahead, you get it NOW. But, remember, that you must compare prices! Put yourself in “invisible” handcuffs until you are SURE you have found the best deal on the desired item!

2. Choose the off brand. May off brands are only cheaper because the company advertises less, or uses cheaper packaging options. Many off-brands are nearly the same thing as name brands.

3. Buy in Bulk, WHEN NECESSARY! I can really get crazy when I shop in Bulk. I remember the first time I went into Sam’s Club and walked out with 3 shopping carts full of stuff. We were set on Toilet Paper, Cleaning Supplies, Garbage Bags, *you name it* for a YEAR! But, it wasn’t feasible to continue to do this. Buy things you know you will run through fast in Bulk, such as hamburger, toilet paper, etc. But you don’t necessarily need 100 Glade Air Freshener refills, all at once, do you?

4. Shop with Cash and bring ONLY what you need. Set a limit for yourself. “Today, I need to get some dress pants, but I am ONLY going to bring $100.” This will force you to compare prices too! What a great idea!

5. Make a list BEFORE YOU GO! Statistics show that lists keep people on track. When you write yourself a grocery list, you are so focused on crossing the stuff off your list you don’t necessarily browse through the millions of items on the shelf you really don’t need but you want anyway. You can download grocery lists that are super organized online! I have attached a picture of one and a link below where you can Download it from the “Not Quite Susie Homemaker Blog”

Screen shot 2012-12-15 at 11.59.56 AMDownload this Grocery List at the following Blog!



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