8 Ways to Make your Mornings Work for You!

Its 7:45, you have to leave the house by 8:15 and EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING goes wrong!

“You have to wake up we have 15 minutes to get you to school!”

“We don’t have time to watch cartoons this morning!”

“I have to pack your lunch, so you have to find your stuff!”

“No, you can not bring the dog to school.”

“Where are your shoes?”

“Did you loose your mittens again?”

“What did you do with your socks?”

“Grab a pop tart, yes, again!”

“I don’t know where you put your homework, you should have put it away, wait, I found it, you spilled cereal and milk on it.”

And this, is only the jist of it. Most parents experience even more hectic mornings than this!

Here are 8 Ways to make your mornings work for you!

1. Set the kids clothes out the night before. Why is it in the morning when you realize how far behind you are on laundry? Why can’t it be when you have a good two hours to wash clothes? Set your stuff out the night before, it makes getting dressed a bunch easier, but also helps prepare you if you have any last minute laundry to do!

2. Put a bowl of fruit out on the table so kids can grab and go. I have known moms who literally pre-package a serving of cereal in ziploc baggies and put them in a bowl on the counter so its ready to go if you are running late.

3. Make a morning Checklist/Routine, and stick to it! Write it out, study it, follow it.

4. Make a “Drop Off Spot” for the kids. When they get home from school, teach them to hang their coats & backpacks up immediatly, in the same spot, every day. Get a tub or a set of drawers for hats and gloves, and have them handy and nearby the rest of their stuff.

5. Designate a responsibility to each child. “Suzy’s chore every morning is to let the dog out, and back in.” “Sam’s chore every morning is to make sure all the lights are turned off in the house before we go.”

6. Have lunches ready to go the night before.

7. Be consistent, even on the weekends have a routine, even if its a little less intense.

8. Give your children a “heads up” before each step in the morning. “In Five Minutes, we are going to brush our teeth.” “in 2 minutes, we are going to get our coats, hats and gloves on.” etc.

These are just some tips, feel free to share your tips in the comments!

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