20 Things to put on your Photography Bucket List

Pinterest and other social media sites really get us drooling, don’t they? With all of the eye candy we are exposed to, its not suprising that many of us form “Bucket Lists.” I wanted to share my Photography Bucket List, About two years ago, I sat down and formed a bucket list, and have tweaked it here and there. After reading some bucket lists from other photographers, I revised mine a bit.What is on your Photography Bucket List?

1. Engagement Photo Shoot in a Laundromat

2. Snowball Fight

3. Frosty Tree

4. Horses Running

5. Pillow Fight

6. Girls Sharing a Secret

7. Family’s feet in a row

8. Storm Clouds Rolling In

9. Car Tail Lights in Slow-mo (slow shutter speed)

10. Completed Rainbow (how rare is this?)

11. Street Photography, including Grafiti

12. Elderly couple on a park bench.

13. Dramatic light self portrait

14. Sunrise/Sunset

15. Reflection of something in water/ice

16. A Ferris Wheel all lit up at dusk

17. Children Splashing Water

18. Dancing

19. The President or any Celebrity

20. Couple Kissing in the Rain

Share what’s on your bucket list below!


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