12 Things to Discuss With Your Photographer Before a Photoshoot!

1. The names & ages of my children.

2. The best time to schedule my session. When scheduling your photo session, you ultimately want to do so around your children’s schedule. Sometimes this can be hard to do, but the last thing you want to do is to schedule during your child’s normal nap time, downtime or “cranky time.” My 5 year old has a one hour window everyday between 3:30 and 4:30 that we call his “downtime.” This is right when he gets out of school and he is very sensitive and crabby during this time period. We know this would not be a good time to schedule our photo session, and we try to avoid this time if at all possible.

3. Any themed ideas I may have. It is important to discuss ideas with your photographer to get the most out of your session. For example, if you plan on dressing in football jerseys with football props, let your photographer know. She or he may have more ideas to help you prepare for your session, or may have a location idea that would be perfect for that!

4. Things I have done in the past that I would like to do in the future. If you are going to this photographer for the very first time, it is important to let them know your expectations before hand. Did you photograph downtown and want to do it again? Do you prefer Vertical rather than Horizontal Images? Some photographer tend to shoot only in Horizontal, or only in Vertical, so it is super important to let your photographer know before hand what those needs are.

5. Things I have seen before that I would like to try. Although your photographer may change this up a bit, feel free to bring your ideas to the table! This is your photo session and your wall portraits, and we want to know what you like!

6. Locations and Indoor/Outdoor Preferences. If it is nice out in the Summer Time, I prefer to do my photos outdoors. Sometimes I even forget to ASK my clients preference because the status quo in the summer is outdoor photos, so it is super important to let your photographer know before hand so they can prepare for whichever you may choose.

7. Things that work well for my children. If there is ONE SONG that gets your child to laugh, let your photographer know! We are here to make your child smile, so anything that helps us get them there is perfect!

8. Things I know I will or won’t want edited. This is a big one. A lot of times, I will edit out something and the client will later say, “why did you do that? We want his bruise on his forehead for memories.” or I won’t edit out a scar or a tattoo that the client wants edited out. Let your photographer know before hand what you would and wouldn’t want edited.

9. My ideas for Wall Portraits. If your family picture sits horizontally in a 16×20 Frame above your fireplace, let your photographer know! If you always order a canvas, let your photographer know. Sometimes knowing these things can help a photographer with how they take a picture. For example, with Canvas’s there has to be plenty of room around the photo to stretch it, so sometimes taking the pictures just a little bit further away will help prepare for that Canvas!

10. Who referred me to this Photographer. Some photographers have referral programs, so help your friends out!

11. Poses or Ideas you know you don’t want. If you know you will not order any poses where your family is standing, let your photographer know. That way you can get more pictures you know you may want!

12. Poses or ideas you DO want.




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