Mommy Referral Program


As a participating member in the Mommy Referral Program, your job is REALLY easy! You simply hand out Referral Cards and watch the Free Sessions and Free Prints pile up! Your referral cards really sell themselves!

How its done: Pass out your Referral Cards to your friends & family. When they pass it in, it goes in your file and you start earning rewards. Not only do you earn FREE Stuff, but your friends earn a FREE 8X10 from their session!


As a member of the Mommy Referral Program, you get…

Complimentary Mini Session

CD & Print Release from your Session.

Pack of Referral Cards to pass out to your friends/Family


Once you refer one person… you will get $25 in FREE Prints from Crave Photography

Once you refer two people… you will get $50 in FREE Prints, ($75 Total)

Once you refer three people.. you will get $75 in Free Prints ($125 Total)

Once you refer four people… you will get $125 in free prints (total) AND A FREE Family or Child Session

Once you refer five people… you will receive a CANVAS!

And the rewards start over from there!


You MUST schedule your Session in January, 2012.

You MUST pass out your cards, to whoever you feel would be a good fit for Crave Photography

You MUST NOT be a member of any other Mommy Referral Programs

Your friends must be redeeming their card at a full priced session; not valid with any other coupons, discounts or promotions.

Interested? Email for more details and to schedule!s

Cost: $50 to cover back end stuff


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