5 UNUSUAL ways to Save your Money!

1) Change Jar- Every week, empty out all of your change & put it in a baggy labeled with the month written on it. At the beginning or end of the month, take your change jar to a bank and cash it in! Then, put the cash back into the baggy with the month labeled, and file it safely away!

2) When recording debits, checks, etc in your transaction register, round your transactions up. Each month, take the excess and transfer it to savings. For example, if you go to Walmart $28.12 at Walmart. When recording it, round it up to 29. Do that with all of your transactions throughout the rest of the month. At the end of the month, move all of the excess money over to your Savings Account!

3) Cut the habit, or pay for it! What is the ONE THING you excessively buy daily, weekly, monthly? Cut it out or pay for it! For example, if you buy 4 Sodas a day, cut it back to 2 soda’s and put the other $3 you would have spent on more into a Savings Account. Lets say one day you DON’T cut back your goal, then on that day, pay double! Take what you payed for your Soda ($12) and match that! Put $12 in your Savings Account, too! $24 for pop (in one day) sure was expensive now, wasn’t it?

4) Do it Daily! Some  people have difficulty saving on a monthly basis. IF you are that person, do it daily! Take $3 a day, and put it aside. You can change this amount to what is comfortable for you. I can tell you one thing, I pull dollar bills out of my pockets every day. Instead of putting that back in your purse to spend the next day, put it in a jar, or savings account! It will add up fast! Think, $3 a day for 30 days is $90!

5) Find one thing a day you could part with. Put it in a pile, and at the end of the month post these things for sale on an online garage sale, ebay, or craigslist. Take the profits and put them in savings!

Starting small makes a big difference!  By choosing one of these ways to save, you could make an awesome impact in how your financial situation pans out!

Go save!


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