5 things to do this Winter to improve your Photography Skills!

1) Research!

I cannot tell you how important it is to research the industry. Look for photography that is “in” as if you were going to Macys or Maurices to learn the trends in clothing! What is popular? What is unique? What is OVERDONE?!?! I will tell you one thing. A lot of new photographers overdue “selective coloring” This is a VERY outdated process, and is often cheesy if not done just right. Our clients (or your friends) only know what the current trends or unique styles are (and the cheesy or unoriginal styles that shouldn’t be replicated) because we teach them that. So before you become a ‘teacher’ ‘photographer’ or anything for that matter, RESEARCH!

2) Practice

When I first started, the only thing I charged for was gas to get to the location! Practice, Practice Practice, and don’t charge until you comfortably feel as though you can produce the same high quality images at each session!

3) Educate yourself!

This is another important thing! Lighting, Camera Settings, whatever it may be that you need to learn more about, do it this winter! Figure out exactly what makes your camera “click.” Find out different lighting strategies. Learn about color, and white balance! These are SO important, and can make a huge impact in your photography!

4) Read your Manual

You have to know how to run your camera. Although it seems very very “UN FUN!” you must do this. Make it a challenge. Learn 5 pages a day until your manual is done. Don’t forget to practice each setting you learn!


Find a Photo a Day, or a Photo a Week challenge to participate in. This helps with your mind, and thinking outside the box!



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