Maximize your Photography Experience!

Have you gone to a photo shoot and realized that it wasn’t what you expected? You missed some shots? You felt uncomfortable telling your photographer exactly what you expect?

Crave Photography is here to help!

I would seriously consider a PRE-CONSULT SESSION!

What is a Pre-consult Session?

This session lasts 1/2 hour, typically, and is booked approximate 2 or more weeks before your session. Typically, the “decision” owners in the household attend.

Where is  Pre-Consult Session?

The preconsult session can be in studio, or at a location of your choice! I often go to homes, coffee shops, etc to meet with my clients before their sessions!

Things you and your photographer will discuss:

  • Wardrobe
  • Backdrops
  • Poses
  • Additional Props
  • Wall Art Ideas
  • Preferences

Because your session only lasts typically 1 hour, you want to make sure you go over these things with your photographer before hand! With Crave Photography, these sessions are 100% free, and available upon request!


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