Changes at Crave Photography!

Over the next 6 months, Crave Photography will be evolving to a more custom, boutique experience! These changes will include new branding & design, the implementation of the design center, and just an overall change in the way we do business!

We are currently working with a panel of experts and conducting market research to Gage what we can do to give the ultimate customer experience! Through this research we will be rolling out phases throughout the next several months to give Crave Photography a complete make over, inside & out!

Our new branding will include a new logo, new signage, new marketing, and new custom products to better fit our vision and values!

Our brand will not be our only change, however! Over the last year, Crave Photography has really steered off track in delivering our mission statement: and that is to provide clear, consistent superb customer service and a unique individual experience! I have outlined new goals, such as delivering a more positive, personalized customer experience, faster turnaround times, and in depth organized workflows to help manage each session. We will also be rolling out a new referral program to reward our current clients instead of conducting mass discounts!

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to Crave Photography is the addition of graphic design to the current offering! We will have offerings such as greeting cards, announcements, marketing, packages, etc for photographers  & consumers!

Of course, these changes won’t happen overnight & their will be several phases to the process but we are looking forward to all that it has to offer!

Moving forward to a better 2013!



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