Color Lovers Unite: Choosing colors for Frames!

Have you ever found yourself in the paint aisle, for hours? As many of you know, my husband and I are opening up a new subdivision of Crave Photography- we are using recycled (or rather I prefer upcycled) wood to create beautiful, distressed, boutique frames. We are using multiple layers of wood and element to create beautiful frames to display your beautiful artwork.

The hardest part, pickling colors!

In my home, we using mossy green and beige and really, earth tones a lot. But we chose these colors years ago, when they are in. If you haven’t noticed yet, bright, bold colors are in now. Turquoise, Teal, Pink, Blue, etc mixed with Gray and Chevron patterns are just the it thing these days. So I sat in the paint aisle today at Ace just thinking. If I were to buy a house today that had all white walls, how would I decorate it? What would I do to make it modern and fresh?

Although it simply isn’t feasible to re-do the design in my house today, I found myself in a dream world full of turquoise, chevron, and other modern hip patterns. I was in a dream world and all of my dreams were coming true. I walked out of Ace with 9 quarts of funky, fresh paint. Boy, do I love them!

The hard part is, I want to keep all of the frames. We have made 5 Custom frames so far, all unique and beautiful. I cannot wait until our launch, because I know that these frames & colors will be super fashionable, and a great addition to your home!

ImageThank for some awesome images on color!


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