My Full Day of Beautiful Babies!

I like busy days. I like the chaos, the busyness. The photographing, the uploading, the editing. The creative challenges. I just live for it.

Today was one of those days. I got to the studio at 7:45, to prepare for my 8:30 session. I started out with the pleasure of photographing my best friend, Elicia’s daughter. I am so grateful for my clients, and my friends because they recognize that my business builds upon the power of referral, and Elicia brought with her a very fun, down to earth friend, who also happens to share the very cool name, Ashley (except hers is spelled the “cooler” way, “Ashlee”

Today, every session except one, (of of the 8 total sessions I did) were returning clients. That really is powerful. I had milestone mommies, Families, Seniors, really just a mix of a lot of good memory making!

I just had to share this doll, though. L and I really share a lot of things in common, and we really get along great when she brings Miss A in for her pictures every three months. Don’t you just LOVE her style?!

ImageImageImageImageImageUntil Next Time!




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