Weather, Risks, and Smiles! Sioux Falls Area Photographer, Dell Rapids Area Photographer

Weather. That is all I can say. Lately it has just been crazy! It has hampered my business in so many ways. So I first and foremost want to thank all of my wonderful clients for putting up with the rescheduling due to weather since April. I know many of my clients really love the outdoor picture experience, and we had to push that back a bit this year!

But, there comes a time when you say, hey, lets give it a shot anyway. The weather was not in our field yesterday. With an 80% chance of rain and some super speedy wind, keeping yesterdays sessions was a risk! But, we did it anyway, and to our advantage, that’s for sure! This session turned out ABSOLUTELY amazing! There is such a natural, earthy look, and this family was absolutely perfect; and you have to look at the alternative, today would have been a little trickier due to the wind, isn’t it CRAZY out there today?

A & J brought their little tyke B in last night to do some awesome outdoor pics. We had communicated days before the photo day, and were really back and forth, but we are so glad we took the risk! The clouds made nice lighting, the wind was very natural, and we found some sheltered areas to photograph at! Miss B was all smiles, and having so much fun!









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