Historic Dell Rapids; {un} touched nature

The last few summers, I have done tons and tons of traveling all over this side of the state. Whether I drove to the Palisades, or Sioux Falls, hanging out at Perry Nature Area or the Japanese Gardens, Falls Park, McCory Gardens in Brookings, I have really seen a lot! South Dakota is truely a beautiful state. But, I was missing what was right out my back door, Dell Rapids!

I have made the decision to no longer travel for photo sessions, for the most part (except for weddings.) I have found that many of the locations in Sioux Falls have become so overcrowded, and overused. My goal is to provide a unique experience, and Dell Rapids has a lot more to offer for outdoor opportunities than I have found in Sioux Falls as of yet. We have a beautiful {un-touched} nature area, a great historic downtown, old buildings, etc.

I have found that the majority of my clients are choosing to come to Dell Rapids, and it has just become few and far between that people ask me to travel to them, so it makes it very hard to make a trip to Sioux Falls every once in a while. I am so happy to be able to live in an area that is unique, un{crowded}, and historical!

I will continue to travel for weddings, reunions, special events, Seniors (who wish to be photographed in their town, etc) etc, and for those who have already scheduled a SF session on my calendar. However, effective immediately, I will be photographing in the Dell Rapids Area.

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