Why I Am A Photographer.

So many people ask me, how did you start doing photography; why are you here today? And my answer, its THIS GIRL and her mom! I moved to Dell Rapids 7 years ago, this month. I was helping my sister Jess out at a local daycare, and Thea & Laura both held part time jobs there as well, and I don’t know what it was but we were INSTANTLY friends, and then family. It is so hard to pin-point the moment that Laura became my mom, and Thea my sister, and Ty, my brother. To this day, It has just been a progression!

Thea was my VERY FIRST client. 7 years ago, I photographed Thea, as a model, and then as a Senior.

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 10.54.28 PM

I can still remember that shirt, in fact, she has that “F” tattooed on her foot now, LOL!

Of course now I have photographed not only as a Senior, but as a model, graduation, boudoir, engagement, and now her wedding!

Without these two AMAZING people, I would not be anywhere I am today. They have been my support, my family, my life. They were part of my wedding, they were my home, they were my daycare, they were THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE who thought I could achieve my goal to open a photography studio, and the only two who made sure it would happen, even if I didn’t believe it would. They were my best critics, but they were my best problem solvers. They are my best recruiters- they make sure I have business-When I was hungry, they fed me, When I cried, they let me cry on their shoulder. When my car door wouldn’t shut, they helped me (long story…) When I REALLY didn’t need a cat (well thinking back when did I EVER need another animal) they gave me Snowball (who by the way, is still the biggest pain in our A but the BEST animal we have EVER HAD! When my dogs needed some care so we can go on vacation, well wait, when our entire ZOO (animals +kids) needed care while we went to State Darts, you were THERE. No hesitation! When I needed a night out, Laura made sure I didn’t remember it * you remember that mom, don’t you?*

My life would not be anything, ANYTHING, without you!


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thea13 thea14 thea15 thea19 thea22


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