Cutest Baby Contest 2014

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It is that time of year again, time for our ANNUAL CUTEST CHILD CONTEST! Each year, we run a contest where parents get the chance to join the fun in putting their children in the Spotlight! This year, however, we have made some amazing changes! See below!

How does it work?

1. Book your FREE  Mini Session for the month of January **Please check the FAQ section for info on newborns!

  • 30 Minutes (you may choose to add 1/2 hour for $39)
  • 1-2 Outfits
  • 1-2 Backdrop Choices

2. Give us one week to edit & enhance your photos from your session. You will be invited back to the studio within 1-2 weeks to view your photos in our in house consultation. This is where you will choose your prints or digital files as well as choose the file you would like to use in the Cutest Baby Contest.

3.  The contest will go LIVE in 1st of February or the 1st of March, depending on the amount of entries. Each child will be uploaded to their category (0-23months, 24months-4yrs, 4yrs 1day-6yrs) on facebook. There will be ONE WINNER for EACH CATEGORY! (See the FAQ for children over 7yrs)

4. You will be invited to ask your friends and family to “Like” their picture on Facebook. By the 15th day of the contest, he child with the MOST LIKES will win!

What are the prizes?

Every year, we have dozens of vendors who participate and show their support by donating amazing prizes for kiddos! Among those who have donated in the past is Mary K, Usbourne Books, Tykes 2 Tweens, etc as well as tons of individual sponsors who have donated things such as tools, purses, and gift certificates! Also, the TOP  WINNER, the WINNER OF ALL WINNERS Gets a $1200 Portrait Package from Ashley Photography!


Q. What are the Age Requirements?

A. There are three Categories, 0-23months, 2-4yrs 1 day, and 4years-6yrs. Children over 7 are not entered in the contest but there will be a special album for that age category. See FAQ below.

Q. I have multiple children, can I enter them all?

A. Absolutely! You may enter all of your children. If you have twins, we simply enter them {together} I either put their pictures side by side or we choose a picture of them together.

Q. I have a child that is over 7, can their picture be taken?

A. In the past, I said no. However, I have chosen to have an add-on package for $20 where you can bring children in that do not meet the age requirements. I will still create an album for Children 7+yrs during the contest, however! That way they get some spotlight too!

Q. If I already did a session this year, can I enter that picture?

A. Yes, I will accept one picture from any session done between November 1st 2013-January 1st 2014. No need for a new session.

Q. Can I book longer than 1/2 hour?

A. Yes! If you would like to book a full hour, you may do so for $39! This will allow us more time if you have multiple children, etc.

Q. What is the best option to do for a newborn?

  A. Because of time restraints, we will NOT be booking any 1/2 hour mini sessions for children under 2 months. It is just not enough time to get those dedicated poses, while allowing baby time to feed, burp and sleep. You may book a NEWBORN SESSION for only $195, however! This is 2-3 hours, and includes the time and talent of the photographer. You will get 2 FREE digital images with this session!

Q. What if I want Prints and/or Digital Images or the CD and Print Release?

A. Of course we also would love for you to purchase your images from the session, which is why you get 10% off your Ala Carte Pricing! We will do an in person consultation within 1-2 weeks after your session to help you choose your image for the contest as well as any prints or digital images you would like! For a complete list of our print prices, please hover over “investment” at the top of the screen and click “portrait prices” and scroll down to the image with the print prices on it. Digital prices are after the Print Prices.




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