How to Prepare your Photographer for your Photo Shoot

So much planning, preparation, and stress go into photo shoots, Can I Get An Amen? As you are busy getting outfits together, making sure your schedules match up, preventing your kiddos from getting a bruise on their forehead or getting sick, your photographer is doing some tedious work behind the scenes as well! Along with communicating with you over periods of time, we are also expanding our knowledge base, juggling schedules, answering phone calls, and making sure our equipment is ready for your super successful photo shoot. However, have you ever left a photo shoot feeling as if you didn’t connect 100% with your photographer?

Here’s Why!

Photographers also need to be prepared for your photo shoot.

Although they have the education, the professional background, the expertise, they deal with a handful of clients who all have different wants and needs! Of course you hired us for our style, and we prefer you leave it up to us, there are a handful of things that we are just dying to know! Here is a top 5 List on how to Prepare your Photographer for your shoot!

1) What are your portrait print goals? Do you want to replace the ancient 20×30 canvas over the fireplace? Do you need vertical pictures? Discuss your printing needs with your photographer before-hand.

2) Let your photographer in on any top secret strategies to get your child to smile. Do they like the “achoo” game, or peekaboo? Do they like music? What can your photographer due to grasp your childs attention?

3) Are there certain colors or patterns that you are attracted to that will fit your home? Are their certain patterns or colors that you prefer not to use?

4) Do any of your children have special needs that could benefit your photographer to know before hand? Do they need a warm up period? Are they allergic to something that they may come in contact with at the studio?

5) Is there something you wish you would have done in previous sessions, but never had the chance to do? Let us know!


Although there is a handful of things your photographer wants to know before the session, this list covers the basics. What do you wish your photographer knew about you?

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