{Product Spotlight} Children Sessions & our 2014 Prices!

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As many of you may have noticed, our pricing structure changed, and I cannot be more excited about it. I have taken a lot of feedback over the last year from clients who said they want to be able to choose what is in their package. I get all sorts of different needs, the mom who only needs 1-3 images for her walls, and gift prints, and the mom who wants 30+ for her digital scrapbooking needs. I felt my previous pricing wasn’t fair to everyone, I want YOU to be able to pick & choose what products you get in your package!

How much has it changed? NOT AT ALL!

Last year, our most POPULAR package was the Children Session with 10 High Resolution Digital Images. I still have that option! My creative fee is $95 for a Children Session. This includes a one hour indoor or outdoor session, an in person print & digital file consultation within 2 weeks of the session, time & talent of the photographer and use of our extensive prop & backdrop collection.  At your consultation you will be able to choose what products and images you would like in your package. If you are one of those who LOVED our digital file collection last year, you can choose the digital file collection that include 10 digital, high resolution, edited & enhanced images for only $175. If this is all you choose to purchase, your total investment is $270, which folks, compares to last years prices!

Our Packages have added value this year!

Pre-Consultation: This year, your sessions are 100% catered TO YOU. This means, that within 1-2 weeks before your session you will receive a phone call (or email if it is easier in your schedule) where I will be asking you a few questions about your session, such as what outfits you plan on bringing, if you have any special ideas or concepts you want to do, and simply your goals and perceived outcomes from your session. This will help me better prepare for your session in case I need to craft up a new backdrop, find a special prop, or find that special location that will enhance your outfit & prop choices. This is COMPLETELY new for us! We have learned that more often than not we find out ideas clients have when the session is nearly almost over. I want to make your memories come to life! It is my job, you know! 🙂

Editing Changes: In the last years, I have learned so many new techniques and enhancements to bring your photos to life, but simply did not have the time to do so in each and every picture on your CD. We now have the opportunity to focus on those images that are really special to you, by providing several editing options to really make that photo pop on your wall.

Print & File Consultation: Another exciting new value added change to your session this year is the print & file consultation. How many times did you receive your images and wanted them to be cropped differently? Questioned whether they would print well as a canvas? Wanted to order prints through your professional photographer but wanted to do so in person? We found over the last year that people really prefer to have their images printed professionally for many reasons. This is a perfect opportunity for you to ask those questions, and order those products. Even if you plan on ONLY getting digital files, this will be the time and place that you will choose those images, request additional edits or crops, etc. IF YOU LIVE OUT OF TOWN: You do have the option of doing this over the phone, but we do highly recommend taking the time to come into the studio. This is a very precious investment and you will find that coming in person is well worth the hour it takes for the consultation.

Sessions with Ashley Photography can only get better in 2014! With our update in equipment, backdrops & experience we can only go up. I am so excited to share all of my great changes!

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