Newborn Portrait Investment- Digital


Session Investment- Digital

I have had a lot of inquiries on my newborn photography prices & sessions, and what is included. Thought it would be a good time to do a session spotlight!

I am going to focus more on the digital package offered at Ashley Photography. We are a full service portrait studio, so we offer not only portraits and canvas but also digital files and scrap-booking services & products. Our digital package is by far our most popular, and at an amazing value! Our creative fee for a newborn package is $195. This includes the time and talent of the photographer, an online password protected proof gallery, a complimentary print consultation, custom printing & order fulfillment & extensive attention to detail and customer service. At your print consultation, you get to choose what products or files you would like to purchase. By far, our most popular package is 5 digital files w/ print release for only $175. Making your total investment for your newborn portrait session $370!

About Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions typically take between 2-3 hours. They are not rushed, as we want to accommodate diaper changes, feeding, and snuggle time! Newborn Sessions are best at 5-10 days, typically sticking between 5-7. During your session, you will be provided with a comfortable sitting area with access to a nursing friendly area if needed.

 When Should I Schedule my Session?

Right now! If you are pregnant and know when you are expecting, contact me as soon as possible to schedule a “tentative” date. Of course, we reschedule this for a “permanent” date after the baby is born, but my mothers who book me in advance hold priority in my session. If you have already have your child, still contact me ASAP. I do try to squeeze in newborns as much as possible. Babies take the best pictures within the first 10 days.

I ask my mothers to put me on their birth call list so they remember to give me a call or email as soon as the baby is born. This allows me to do any schede juggling that I may need to do to fit your session in within those first two weeks.

 How Long Does the Session Last?

A newborn session can last anywhere between 1 to 5 hours, depending on your child’s disposition. Please plan for the entire day.

 What Should my Child Wear? 

Most newborn photography is when the baby is with or without diaper. However, I will send you a list of links of the latest baby products and trends so that you can prepare the session to your liking.

 Do I have to be in the pictures as well? 

Sure!   I understand that you just had a child and that you may have bags under your eyes, but I promse that I will edit as much as I can for you– Shots with mom and dad may be necessary. You cannot get this time back and you will cherish these pictures of your newborn. It is best to wear black, white or nuetral colors.

 More Tips:

1) Try and find a babysitter or helper for your other children. If you want them included in the session, try and bring somebody or something to help entertain them while we do your babies pictures. A lot of families find that by driving seperate, dad is able to take off after the sibling and family shots if the children get inpatient.

2) Make sure your baby is well fed and sleepy. Babies are much easier to prop when they are sound asleep!

3) Loosen your babies diaper about 30 minutes before the session to allow the diaper imprints to disappear.

4) A mothers smell is so noticeable to baby and may distract your baby during pictures. Sometimes, I may ask you to step out for a few moments so I can get the baby to work with me as best as possible.

5) Be patient! Babies can sense your anxiety and we want to keep the room as calm as possible.

6) The majority of pictures will work best if the baby is asleep so anything you can do to promote this is best.


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