Say Goodbye to the CD!

The time has come folks. The time where the CD & DVD is done. No longer will you receive a CD or DVD at Ashley Photography. Why? Because we are transitioning to USB Flash Drives! Were you scared?

All new sessions booked for March 1st and beyond*, who purchase digital collections, will receive their images on a USB Flash Drive. There are a lot of benefits to Flash Drives!

  • More durable!
  • Better Storage
  • Last Longer
  • Easy to Store!
  • Can Continue to add to it!

And, the best? If you commit to bringing your own flash drive to your session to put your images on, you will get a FREE 8×10 print! That is a $30 Value! So, for those of you who have multiple sessions with Ashley Photography, simply bring your Flash Drive back to Ashley Photography at your next session & I will simply add to it! But, this is of course optional! This is my way of “going green!”

I am always asking for your opinions and advice, and this idea came from you! You talk, I listen! Thanks again for helping me pursue my passion!


***These are for NEW, full priced Sessions after March 1st


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