{Sponsor Spotlight: Natasha Penner with Pampered Chef!}

I am so grateful for the sponsors who come out and sponsor our major giveaway every year. I could not do it without there generosity and their love & passion for their businesses!

Each day this week and next, I will be spot-lighting our AMAZING Sponsors, and you have the chance to earn more entries into the contest! Today, you can purchase anything from Natasha’s website and get 10 additional entries! You can also contact Natasha to book a party and also learn 10 additional entries! Natasha will notify me of any purchases and/or booked parties and I will submit your entries! (Visit her website here!)

If you havent yet entered to win the $2000 Prize Package, it is so easy to do! No purchase necessary, go here:

Today, I want to send out a HUGE Thank You to Natasha Penner, with Pampered Chef!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 5.12.35 PM


The Pampered Chef , Ltd is a global multi-level marketing company that offers a line of kitchen tools, food products, and cookbooks for preparing food in the home. I chose to do Pampered Chef because cooking is something that I love to do, and have a talent for and it allows me to put the most important thing in my life first, which is my family. I am so very excited to be able to serve my friends in whatever capacity that they need me to and I can’t wait to see where Pampered chef is going to take me. So, Welcome to my business, and Please let me know if there is any way that I can help you and have an amazing day!!

  • Natasha Penner
  • Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef, Inc.
  • (605)651-4461
  • npenner@brookings.net
  • My Website!

And remember, Visit Natasha’s Page (or contact her to host a party) and earn 10 ADDITIONAL entries in the giveaway!

Thanks Natasha for donating this amazing Brownie Pan into the Spring Fling Giveaway!

Screen shot 2014-03-16 at 5.03.43 PM

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