The Greatest Gift of All..

As my birthday tomorrow nears, I can’t help to think where the last year has taken me and how grateful I am for my fans and clients who have stuck with me thick and thin this last year. The growth I have made as a business and a person has been tremendous, and without my fans wouldn’t of happened. Lets face it, this time last year, I was too busy for my britches, and my business and personal life faced tremendous, and disheartening challenges. Without the feedback and support of my clients, I would have never gotten to where I am today!

So, this is a thank you. Thank you for your feedback and your loyalty; sharing your beautiful families and children with me, and most of all, your friendship. But, the greatest gift of all this past year has been what you have shared with your friends and family. I have been shocked the last few months with how many referrals I have gotten from my clients and fans. I am one of the few blessed photographers who have faced burn-out and have overcome it, and the fact of the matter is that wouldn’t of happened if you didn’t continue to believe in me and my passion.

I hope you continue to share Ashley Photography with your friends and family and help me continue to grow, because I want to continue to be able to help you share precious photos of your children and family as you yourself grow!

As a thank you, I am giving a 20% discount to all new families who mention the name of someone who referred them between now and August 31st. The session doesn’t have to take place in that time frame, but must be booked or tentatively booked.

Again, thank you from myself and my Family! Have a great weekend!


A very special thank you to Staci Kinghorn at Something Clicked Photography for taking this beautiful picture of my kiddos!

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