A Perfect Bit of Sun with a Perfect family!

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And that was the case for this family! Unfortunately it rained on our parade a couple of times, so we had to reschedule for this parade instead, and although it was a bit chilly, the night was PERFECT! So I had to take advantage of the sun with a couple of sun shots at the beginning!

These kids were so amazing for their photo shoot! So photogenic (I think they may have shocked mom & dad a bit!)

family1 family2 family3

It was quite fun getting shots of these two together, Miss A was all for it but Mr. J thought his sister was crazy! You shoulda seen his looks when she moved her head to close to him!



I found out that Miss A really really loved Frozen, and is going to be Elsa, or is it Anna? For Halloween! She was such a doll! She had the most cutest scrunchy  nose smile, EVER! Love!



Mr. A just loved me dancing around and making a fool of myself, as long as I was loud, he was smiling!




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