2015 In Person Consultations

Wow, that is all I can say for 2014. Not only were we able to expand our studio, but we also were able to take on new employees, attend seminars and workshops, and provide a higher quality customer service for our clients. And of course, my family welcomed our fourth child into our lives, Hayes! So as you can see, 2014 definatly was not uneventful!

One thing we hear over and over from our clients is how our customers want the opportunity to view their images and choose HIGH QUALITY, prints through us. They want the sit down. The viewing. The opportunity to make additional requests, prints, products, and to provide feedback from their session. So, taking in the feedback, and also understanding the industry, we made a few very key insights..

  • First and foremost, our clients want to be able to purchase high quality products that they cannot find elsewhere..
  • They also want to be able to have the files on a CD with a Release to be able to purchase whenever they need.

So, for 2015 we chose NOT to increase our prices. But what we did decide is to provide more value to our sessions and more opportunities to provide a higher quality service. So what does this mean for you?

What this means is, that within two weeks of each session you will be invited back to our studio for an in person consultations. At this time, you will be able to choose the images for your disk, order any prints or products, and request any further editing requests from your session. We no longer will be a discount studio, a “click and dash”, or a studio who simply photographs your family, sends the CD and drops off the planet. I want to help provide the highest quality products while helping you design your wall art to suite your needs.

So bring on 2015, because we are going to ROCK IT and help persevere memories in ways you never thought were possible!


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