2015 Senior Street Team!


2015 Senior Spokesmodel Application
About our Street Team!

At Ashley Photography, our representatives are high school Juniors, soon to be Seniors who want to have their photos taken for free, but of course in advance before any one else does. You will be one of the first of your class to show off your senior portraiture and be a spokes model for Ashley Photography. You will be given 50 Referral Cards to pass out to your high school senior and junior friends; the photos sell themselves!

We only choose 2 from each school in the surrounding areas. Applications will be available until February 10th, at which time we will review each application!

FREE 45-60 minute model session taken in March or April. I typically fit about 2 outfits in this time frame, and these photos will be given to you to help advertise on Facebook and your Rep Cards.
You will be invited back during the summer for a 2-3 Hour Portrait Session!

You will also receive 50 rep cards to pass out to your friends to help you get started!
For each rep card that gets turned in from your session, you will receive $20 in FREE Prints and they will get 8 FREE Wallets!
We will have Senior Games throughout the summer, such as tag to win, the Cutest Senior Contest, etc. These are just more chances to earn more photos and prints!

We are looking for outgoing individuals who are excited to share Ashley Photography with their friends!
We do require a $200 Print Reservation; this will be applied toward your Senior Print Order.
You will be required to pass out rep cards to your friends and classmates.
Help us out my sharing us on facebook, instagram and other social media sites.
Like us on Facebook and follow us on other social media sites!
Book and pay your $200 Print Reservation by February 10th, 2014, and hold your session in March or beginning of April.

So, do you want to be apart of our 2015 Street Team? Awesome!


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