Frequently Asked Questions for the Newborn Photographer!



Photographing newborns is probably one of my most favorite things to photograph. I really enjoy being able to cuddle with these precious babies when they are so new! I get quite a few questions, so I thought I would post just a few!

Why do you prefer to photograph newborns within their first 10 days of birth?

Newborns are just so squishy at this age, and they pose best at this fresh stage of life! After this, they tend to become more “stubborn” and sleep quite a bit less.

Do you prefer that the newborn is sleeping?

I do, referring back to the first question they pose best when they are sleeping. As you know, newborns tend to “flail” quite a bit, and they don’t typically sit still. When they are sleeping, they make great models! 🙂 You may ask next, how do you get them to sleep during a photo shoot? We do LOTS of things at Ashley Photography! First and foremost, I increase the heat to around 80-85 degrees. Babies always sleep best when they are warm. We also schedule your session in the morning, as they also sleep best in the AM. I leave around 2-3 hours for your session, leaving plenty of time for feeding, cuddling, and rocking babes to sleep! And lastly, PATIENCE. I have a ton of patience. At your session with Ashley Photography, we want you to be as relaxed as possible! Don’t worry about the rest!


What should my newborn wear?

Because newborns typically look silly in outfits, I normally pose them naked, in wraps, and covered with blankets. Although if there is a special outfit you would like to bring we will totally incorporate it!

Can I bring props?

Absolutely! If there are heirlooms such as watches, booties, etc that are special to your family I would LOVE to incorporate these into your session. If I am unable to pose your baby in a safe way that is pleasing to the eye with the prop you bring, I love photographing those items separate to use in collages and baby albums!


What kinds of props do you have?

My style of photography is very natural, elegant and simple. I  have quite a few headbands, blankets, hats, wraps and more for your little guy or gal! I find quite a few of my props on etsy, and I always encourage my clients to find some that are special to their family to bring!

Why do newborn sessions cost so much?

A newborn session is an investment. Like a wedding, there is only a limited amount of time you can get those perfect squishy poses. But most importantly, safety. I have photographed newborns for 5 years. In that time, I have not only taken numerous child safety classes, but I have attended newborn seminars, photographed hundreds of newborns, and have read articles, books and online blogs on how to photograph a newborn and handle them safely. And, on top of that, I have had 4 Children myself, and there is nothing like personal experience! You aren’t just hiring someone to photograph your baby, you are hiring someone who is a professional at photographing and handling your precious infant.


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