7 Things to Know for your 3 Month Session! Sioux Falls Area Photographer, Dell Rapids Photographer


Ask any of my parents or even any photographer, 3mo old pictures are the toughest photos to obtain. Children are in such an awkward stage, they can’t squish into a newborn pose, and they can’t sit unassisted. So many photographers opt to not get those photos, but I do. Why? Because baby’s change SO MUCH between newborn and 3 mo. And those facial expressions, and facial features MUST be documented. So how do we do it?

7 Steps to a Successful 3mo Session!

1) Keep your expectations Realistic. This is probably my NUMBER ONE TIP. At this age, it is not only important to keep the child’s safety but also their cooperation in mind. I like to focus on their facial expressions, their interactions, etc. It is very difficult to pose them comfortable anywhere on their back, sometimes their tummy. So, posing them in a basket, by themselves is unrealistic. However, depending on their neck strength, and with mom and dads help, we may be able to pose them in a basket with some support. These are all things I figure at the beginning of the session.

2)  3months is a milestone. We focus on baby being awake, so the eyes, facial features, growth, etc are all factors.  Again, at this age, I focus more on facial features than anything.

3) Keep outfit changes simple. At this time, babies are still unsure of changing outfits, and a lot of times too many outfit changes can shorten the session. Keep your outfits to 1-2, minimum.

4) Be patient, and flexible. We work on babies schedule. A lot of times, the plan changes! Be flexible and understand that we may or may not get a pose you desire, it all depends on the cooperation of your child.

5) Dress Neutral.  I typically stay away from family shots at 3mo sessions, but I ask my parents to dress neutral, and be prepared to have hands, legs, etc in a photo. Sometimes I may ask mom or dad to hold baby in a position that looks confortable and natrual to baby. No need to get super dolled up, typically its just a photo of the baby in your arms, etc.

6) Communicate your ideas, before you come. I cannot stress this enough. Sessions work so much better if I am aware of any ideas you may have. That way, I can set up for it, or find props, fillers, etc that can help me pose your baby best!

7) And lastly, know that perfectly posed sibling shots at this age are unlikely. I focus more on the natural interactions, while keeping Safety and Cooperation at the top of my list!