A Perfect Bit of Sun with a Perfect family!

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And that was the case for this family! Unfortunately it rained on our parade a couple of times, so we had to reschedule for this parade instead, and although it was a bit chilly, the night was PERFECT! So I had to take advantage of the sun with a couple of sun shots at the beginning!

These kids were so amazing for their photo shoot! So photogenic (I think they may have shocked mom & dad a bit!)

family1 family2 family3

It was quite fun getting shots of these two together, Miss A was all for it but Mr. J thought his sister was crazy! You shoulda seen his looks when she moved her head to close to him!



I found out that Miss A really really loved Frozen, and is going to be Elsa, or is it Anna? For Halloween! She was such a doll! She had the most cutest scrunchy  nose smile, EVER! Love!



Mr. A just loved me dancing around and making a fool of myself, as long as I was loud, he was smiling!




M&C indroduce me to Brookings!

My recent move to Brookings has been, well, interesting. Of course I am from Brookings, but in the last 7 years that I have been gone, it has changed, and grown, and well, I will admit I have gotten lost a time or two. When I left Brookings, the hot spot for photography was McCrory Gardens, so naturally what does this girl do? I started advertising that I was looking for some fun families to photograph in the Brookings Area, and got an amazing response!

M’s family blew me away. They gave me some amazing advice on where to photograph, some tips and tricks of the area, and introduced me to the new Brookings Nature Area. Now, I¬† knew it was there, but had never gotten out of the vehicle and walked through it (and can I get someone to say it? There is a lot more than you think!)

It was BEAUTIFUL! The lighting was perfect, location was perfect, family was perfect. What a fantastic way to bring me back home! Aren’t they beautiful?!

monic13 monic2 monic3 monic6 monic8 monic9 monic11 monic13 monic15

{J’s Family!}

jodie1 Jodie2 Jodie4 Jodie6 jodie7 Jodie9 jodie10

This family was SO BEAUTIFUL! J brought her girls (while dad stayed home and watched the famous Vikings/Packers game) and had some fun beautiful pictures done. Of course, Chelsey didn’t realllllyyy want the big ole black camera in front of her face, but we got some good pictures anyway!