Class of 2016, Its Time To {SPARKLE!}


Text: Seniors, Class of 2016 All of those moments you’ve experienced from bummer to break-taking have brough us to today! Senior portraits from Ashley Phootgraphy are the perfect way to wrap up your high school experience! These are some of the best days of your life! Let us help you enjoy and remember those memories with a custom session that will be SO YOU! Book your Class of 2016 Session TODAY! Refer a Friend and get 25% off!


10 Things to Know about Cake Smash Sessions


Cake smash sessions are so much fun! Think about it, it is really a great milestone of your babies life. Its the first time they eat, well smash into a cake, which is one of the most significant symbols of a birthday. Over time, I have found some amazing tips to help your cake smash session be absolutely perfect!


1. Prepare! Simple props such as a diaper cover, tie, headband, or banner in the background can make a huge difference!

  • Some people like to coordinate it to the theme of their babies first birthday, however some people like to do just a simple color theme to keep it timeless. Its truly up to you!
  • Cloth Diapers tend to help a session look more complete compared to a regular disposable diaper.

2. Don’t use a chocolate cake or red frosting (more maroon then red I would say, I have had successful cake smashes with bright red frosting.) I also try to steer my clients away from red velvet cake as well. Mixed with drool, these colors don’t look pleasant, in fact they look like bodily functions!

  • Want to do something cute other than white? Try blue, green, or even pink frosting!

3. Professionally made cakes tend to photograph better. Try your local bakery or grocery store. In my area, the following ladies make some adorable cakes!


4. Let the cake sit out of the fridge a while so its not so hard.

5. Make sure to bring plenty of wipes and towels to wipe up baby afterwards! 🙂

6. Some babies really don’t like cake. (I know, wierd right?) Most likely its the texture or the super sweet taste compared to what they are used to. Sometimes this can be disappointing, but remember that you will always remember that moment! 🙂


Want to book a Cake Smash in January or February?


Book a Cake Smash Mini Session in January or February (2015) for only $89!

Included in this session is a 30 minute session (1 child), 1 Regular Outfit and 1 cake smash outfit (diaper cover, tutu, tie, etc) 1-2 Backdrops, 5 High Resolution Images & Print Release. Bring your own cake to match your child’s personality or birthday theme!

Email or call 838.7533 to book!



Wall Art Wednesday

Welcome to your first week of Wall Art Wednesday! We have some beautiful ideas for your walls! This week, I am going to share with you Love Love Love Seat. This grouping is one of my favorites I love the symmetry of it, and how easily it would go above any loveseat or couch.

Screen shot 2015-01-10 at 2.51.48 PM

This grouping includes 2 10×20’s and 4 8x10s. We offer these with or without frames, and by purchasing it in a grouping you get a great deal!

Framed: $408

Prints Alone: $249

Fresh 48 Photography


A friend of mine recently asked me to photograph her newborn in the Fresh 48. This is an amazing trend that Is really becoming amazing in this area!

Fresh 48 is the opportunity to have your newborn photographed in their first 48 hours of life, (minus the labor and delivery aspect) when they are new, and well quite frankly, FRESH! These types of sessions are perfect for photographing those first days, forever!

What this entails is me coming to your place of birth within the first 48 hours of birth. This isn’t a typicaly newborn session, I won’t be bringing any newborn props or lights, this is all natural, documenting the relationships between baby and his or her family within those first hours of life!

What is included in this package?

  • 24/7 on call 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date- This means that I will arrange my schedule to photograph your newborn baby within 48 hours of birth.
  • Two Hours of Photography at hospital (or in home, if you arrive home or birth in home)
  • Custom editing of portraiture in a mix of black and white and color
  • 10 High Resolution Images VIA digital Download or Disc w/ Print Release
  • Cost $399


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What is a Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session?

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 10.07.23 PM

In home sessions are also called Lifestyle sessions by other photographers.  These types of sessions are typically very unposed and focus on the relationship between the newborn and his or her new family.

When I photograph a newborn in your home, I focus on the relationships between the newborn, parents, siblings and pets. I typically take photos all over your home, including your living room, nursery and master bedroom. Because I am using natural light, a lot of the locations in the home are dependent upon that.

Lifestyle sessions are usually very relaxed. We don’t have to worry about baby being super sleepy because mom or dad is usually holding baby. The best part? You don’t have to worry about packing a bag for the baby and taking them out of the home! Everything you need will be just a few steps away!

Screen shot 2015-01-08 at 10.07.34 PM

What is included in your Newborn Lifestyle Package?

Included in your lifestyle newborn in home photography session is 2-4 hours, 10 high resolution images on a disc with a print release, and shots including siblings, family, parents, and with pets. I travel to your home within the first 5-10 days of birth. Cost is $359.

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Senior 2016 Street Team


2016 Senior Street Team

At Ashley Photography, our representatives are high school Juniors, soon to be Seniors who want to have their photos taken for free, but of course in advance before any one else does. You will be one of the first of your class to show off your senior portraiture and be a spokes model for Ashley Photography. You will be given 50 Referral Cards to pass out to your high school senior and junior friends; the photos sell themselves!

We only choose 2 from each school in the surrounding areas. Applications will be available until February 10th, at which time we will review each application!

FREE 45-60 minute model session taken in March or April. I typically fit about 2 outfits in this time frame, and these photos will be given to you to help advertise on Facebook and your Rep Cards.
You will be invited back during the summer for a 2-3 Hour Portrait Session!

You will also receive 50 rep cards to pass out to your friends to help you get started!
For each rep card that gets turned in from your session, you will receive $20 in FREE Prints and they will get 8 FREE Wallets!
We will have Senior Games throughout the summer, such as tag to win, the Cutest Senior Contest, etc. These are just more chances to earn more photos and prints!

We are looking for outgoing individuals who are excited to share Ashley Photography with their friends!
We do require a $300 Print Reservation; this will be applied toward your Senior Print Order.
You will be required to pass out rep cards to your friends and classmates.
Help us out my sharing us on facebook, instagram and other social media sites.
Like us on Facebook and follow us on other social media sites!
Book and pay your $300 Print Reservation by February 10th, 2014, and hold your initial session in March or beginning of April.

So, do you want to be apart of our 2016 Street Team? Awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions for the Newborn Photographer!



Photographing newborns is probably one of my most favorite things to photograph. I really enjoy being able to cuddle with these precious babies when they are so new! I get quite a few questions, so I thought I would post just a few!

Why do you prefer to photograph newborns within their first 10 days of birth?

Newborns are just so squishy at this age, and they pose best at this fresh stage of life! After this, they tend to become more “stubborn” and sleep quite a bit less.

Do you prefer that the newborn is sleeping?

I do, referring back to the first question they pose best when they are sleeping. As you know, newborns tend to “flail” quite a bit, and they don’t typically sit still. When they are sleeping, they make great models! 🙂 You may ask next, how do you get them to sleep during a photo shoot? We do LOTS of things at Ashley Photography! First and foremost, I increase the heat to around 80-85 degrees. Babies always sleep best when they are warm. We also schedule your session in the morning, as they also sleep best in the AM. I leave around 2-3 hours for your session, leaving plenty of time for feeding, cuddling, and rocking babes to sleep! And lastly, PATIENCE. I have a ton of patience. At your session with Ashley Photography, we want you to be as relaxed as possible! Don’t worry about the rest!


What should my newborn wear?

Because newborns typically look silly in outfits, I normally pose them naked, in wraps, and covered with blankets. Although if there is a special outfit you would like to bring we will totally incorporate it!

Can I bring props?

Absolutely! If there are heirlooms such as watches, booties, etc that are special to your family I would LOVE to incorporate these into your session. If I am unable to pose your baby in a safe way that is pleasing to the eye with the prop you bring, I love photographing those items separate to use in collages and baby albums!


What kinds of props do you have?

My style of photography is very natural, elegant and simple. I  have quite a few headbands, blankets, hats, wraps and more for your little guy or gal! I find quite a few of my props on etsy, and I always encourage my clients to find some that are special to their family to bring!

Why do newborn sessions cost so much?

A newborn session is an investment. Like a wedding, there is only a limited amount of time you can get those perfect squishy poses. But most importantly, safety. I have photographed newborns for 5 years. In that time, I have not only taken numerous child safety classes, but I have attended newborn seminars, photographed hundreds of newborns, and have read articles, books and online blogs on how to photograph a newborn and handle them safely. And, on top of that, I have had 4 Children myself, and there is nothing like personal experience! You aren’t just hiring someone to photograph your baby, you are hiring someone who is a professional at photographing and handling your precious infant.


Thanks for stopping by!





Plug! Wines of a Busy Mom!


We are so excited to officially announce a blog that we have been working on for quite some time now..

Wines of a Busy Mom! {Please, click here to add us to facebook for a chance to win some amazing stuff!}

As many of you know, I invited my friend Katie into my studio building with me to open her store, The Mason Jar Boutique. {which, by the way is F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. you much check it out, and don’t forget to add her to facebook!} And although we have been friends for many years now, this gave us an opportunity to connect even more!

Both of us being super active moms, and entrepreneurs, we thought it would be fun to share our recipes, crafts, and of course advice and rants with other moms!

Our blog features not only recipes, crafts and product reviews, but Katie shares her intake on what its like to be a pilots wife! And of course, we both share our thoughts on what its like to be a mom, and a business owner including our struggles, and our successes!

Now, I don’t want to spoil a good surprise but… We will be having a giveaway with some prizes that you won’t want to miss, so… here are a few things that you can do to get ready!

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2015 In Person Consultations

Wow, that is all I can say for 2014. Not only were we able to expand our studio, but we also were able to take on new employees, attend seminars and workshops, and provide a higher quality customer service for our clients. And of course, my family welcomed our fourth child into our lives, Hayes! So as you can see, 2014 definatly was not uneventful!

One thing we hear over and over from our clients is how our customers want the opportunity to view their images and choose HIGH QUALITY, prints through us. They want the sit down. The viewing. The opportunity to make additional requests, prints, products, and to provide feedback from their session. So, taking in the feedback, and also understanding the industry, we made a few very key insights..

  • First and foremost, our clients want to be able to purchase high quality products that they cannot find elsewhere..
  • They also want to be able to have the files on a CD with a Release to be able to purchase whenever they need.

So, for 2015 we chose NOT to increase our prices. But what we did decide is to provide more value to our sessions and more opportunities to provide a higher quality service. So what does this mean for you?

What this means is, that within two weeks of each session you will be invited back to our studio for an in person consultations. At this time, you will be able to choose the images for your disk, order any prints or products, and request any further editing requests from your session. We no longer will be a discount studio, a “click and dash”, or a studio who simply photographs your family, sends the CD and drops off the planet. I want to help provide the highest quality products while helping you design your wall art to suite your needs.

So bring on 2015, because we are going to ROCK IT and help persevere memories in ways you never thought were possible!

A Perfect Bit of Sun with a Perfect family!

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And that was the case for this family! Unfortunately it rained on our parade a couple of times, so we had to reschedule for this parade instead, and although it was a bit chilly, the night was PERFECT! So I had to take advantage of the sun with a couple of sun shots at the beginning!

These kids were so amazing for their photo shoot! So photogenic (I think they may have shocked mom & dad a bit!)

family1 family2 family3

It was quite fun getting shots of these two together, Miss A was all for it but Mr. J thought his sister was crazy! You shoulda seen his looks when she moved her head to close to him!



I found out that Miss A really really loved Frozen, and is going to be Elsa, or is it Anna? For Halloween! She was such a doll! She had the most cutest scrunchy  nose smile, EVER! Love!



Mr. A just loved me dancing around and making a fool of myself, as long as I was loud, he was smiling!